If you’ve had a stroke due to an unknown cause, learn how you may be able to prevent another with the Amplatzer™ PFO Occluder.

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Patient and Physician Testimonials

Hear from a fellow medical professional

We can do better in stroke prevention by using them (Amplatzer PFO) in the appropriate patient.”

— Jeffrey Saver, MD, UCLA Comprehensive Stroke Center

One week after her PFO closure, Christine was back on the treadmill running 5 miles an hour.

After Christine Lee’s stroke at age 33, her neurologist ordered a transesophageal echocardiogram to look for a PFO. Nearly six months after her first stroke, she had a TIA. Her neurologist then made a referral to an interventional cardiologist, and he recommended she get the PFO closure procedure within seven days.

Hear about her experience

If I didn’t have a neurologist who made a referral to an interventional cardiologist, and if I didn’t have an interventional cardiologist who was familiar with and had full confidence in PFO closure, then I’m at square one, except I’m mad.”

— Christine Lee, USA (patient)

Alan is back to walking 12 miles a day

After suffering from a cryptogenic stroke at a young age, Alan Whitstable’s doctors discovered that he had a PFO. Since the PFO closure procedure, he has more energy and is back to his normal routine. Click on the video to hear about his experience.

Hear about his experience

As an employee of the Royal Mail postal service “I’m back on full delivery, walking nearly 12 miles a day. Now it gets to be 8:00 at night, and I’m still bouncing off the walls, full of energy. I feel that I owe everyone who was involved a massive thank you.”

— Alan Whitstable, England (Patient)
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